Emily Herndon Headshot
Emily Herndon
Terms Ends: 9/30/2025
Samantha Schmidt Headshot
Vice President
Samantha Schmidt
Terms Ends: 9/30/2025
Laurie Roberts Headshot
Laurie Roberts
Terms Ends: 9/30/2024
Jim McLean Headshot
Jim McLean
Terms Ends: 9/30/2024
Jeanne Korn Headshot
Director - Education
Jeanne Korn
Terms Ends: 9/30/2025
Blerim Dibra Headshot
Director - Membership Services
Blerim Dibra
Terms Ends: 9/30/2024
Jon Carling Headshot
Chief Delegate
Jon Carling
Terms Ends: 9/30/25
Cole Bausch Headshot
Nominating Committee Chair
Cole Bausch
Terms Ends: 9/30/2024

2024 Committees and Chairpersons

Samantha Schmidt, Emily Herndon, Kevin Pancich, Thomas Little,  Lorena Payne, Stephanie Wayrouch, Kevin Brueilly, Bryce Harrington SPT, Mackenzie Schoustra SPT. (all terms end Fall 2025, two year terms),

Emily Herndon

Emily Herndon, Samantha Schmidt, Ben Kingan, Christian Appel


Debra Gorman-Bader
Jeanne Korn
CE Review
Jim Sykes

Jon Carling, Brent Denisar-Green, Sarah Menhennett

PTA Caucus Representative
Laurie Roberts. Term ends 2026

Federal Liaison and Key Contacts
Ricardo Fernandez

Key Contacts
Ricardo Fernandez, Ralph Simpson, and vacant seat (Contact us to volunteer as a Key Contact)


Each year, members are encouraged to submit nominations for qualified candidates to represent APTA MT through a variety of leadership positions.
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Volunteers Needed

Did you know APTAMT is run by volunteers like yourself? Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. We can help match a volunteer position to your passions and your time - call or write us today.
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Past Presidents

2022-2025Emily Herndon
2019-2022Christian Appel
2016-2019Jay Shaver
2013-2016 (3yr terms)Jay Shaver
2011-2013Beth Ikeda
2009-2011Beth Ikeda
2007-2009Lorena Pettet
2005-2007Lorena Pettet
Pre-2005Joe Smith
Richard Smith
Steve Anderson
Gary Lusin
Loren Wright
Gail Wheatley