The MT-PT-PAC is the only PAC that provides a unified voice for PTs and PTAs in Montana.

The MT-PT-PAC is an independent committee formed to raise funds for issues and campaign contributions to MT Legislators who support care for PT patients and solutions to PT industry challenges. MAPTA competes in the legislative arena with other organizations with PACs. Candidates who will advocate for issues that affect the profession need our financial support to get elected. Even if you support your legislator individually, the MT-PT-PAC provides the opportunity to have a statewide impact on the election of candidates who can steer legislation that affects the profession.

Your support is critical to the future of your practice and profession.


What is a PAC?

"Political committee" means a combination of two or more individuals, or a "person other than an individual" (a corporation, association, firm, partnership, cooperative, committee, club, union, or other organization) who makes a contribution or expenditure:
  1. to support or oppose a candidate, or a committee organized to support or oppose a candidate or petition for nomination; or
  2. to support or oppose a ballot issue, or committee organized to support or oppose a ballot issue; or
  3. as an earmarked contribution
A PAC is commonplace in campaign activities, both nationally and in the states. Frequently such a committee is composed of employees of a common employer or members of a particular profession or trade. These individuals contribute to their own PACs for the purpose of supporting or opposing candidates and/or issues the committee agrees on. Most PACs participate in elections year after year.

Montana Physical Therapy Government Advocacy

Decisions made by the Montana Legislature affect both personal and professional lives in a variety of ways. Nearly every business or profession in Montana is subject to legislative and regulatory scrutiny -- PTs/PTAs and the physical therapy profession are no exception. The APTA MT is your "watchdog" in Helena.

The association closely monitors legislation that affects your profession and proactively lobbies to protect your interests. Grassroots political action is a vital component of the advocacy efforts for members. Although the activities of the profession's lobbyists are important, there is no substitute for the powerful influence of communication from constituents to their legislators.

APTA MT...the only organization dedicated to protecting the interests of the PT profession in Montana!